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At Mold Inspections of Houston, we offer complete mold testing services for residential and commercial customers.

Keeping your home and workplace safe is our number one priority. Our award-winning Mold Inspectors of Houston know the health problems mold exposure can cause. We are committed to providing affordable mold inspections that are accurate, simple, and to the point.

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Our Mold Services

Mold Inspections of Houston offers a full line of services to address all of your mold problems. Work with us for award-winning mold inspections and damage control.

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Mold Inspection

Our certified Houston mold inspectors use a 3-Phase mold testing process to ensure accurate results. We fight to keep your mold inspection simple, too.

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Mold Damage

If you test for mold or find mold in your home, remediation and mold damage repair are not optional. Act fast to keep your family or your employees safe.


Mold Remediation

When it comes to mold remediation and mold cleanup, our houston mold inspectors are the best in the business. We will work endlessly to insure accuracy and precision.

Services & Resources

  • The Basics on Mold Inspection in Houston

    Owned by licensed mold consultant that has a graduate degree in Environmental Toxicology, Mold Inspection Houston is a large family-based establishment with several years of mold testing with both commercial and residential properties.

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  • Mold Testing 101: What to Expect

    Let’s go over a simple guide to mold testing in your home or office and how to deal with your findings. We’ll also discuss the symptoms of mold exposure and how to know if you need a professional mold inspection company.

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  • Home or Commercial Remediation Services

    Whether your space is residential or commercial, it’s key to find out what kind of remediation is necessary. We’ll discuss both consulting services as well as remediation services.

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News & Events

  • 10 Questions for Your Mold Inspector

    Not all businesses are created equal. The same can be said about professionals, like mold inspectors. While many mold inspectors are credible, some can fly under the radar. Ask these questions to find out.  Learn More →

  • Mold Inspection Cost Guide

    Smell a musky odor when you walk into your basement or attic? Is there odd looking black spots appearing on your ceilings and walls? Are your allergies mysteriously acting up? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you could be looking at mold infestation within your home. Learn More →

  • Best Options for Mold Testing

    Have you recently become suspicious that there’s mold in your home or office? Are you worried about the structural integrity of your home, or the health of your pets and family? If so, it might be time to get mold testing. Doing so can help you establish whether or not there are problems in your home, and can point you toward the right solution for getting rid of mold. Learn More →

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